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Na'Toth sits with the full advisory council, as are the other ambassadorial aides, Lennier and Vir, whilst G'Kar and Londo do battle over Quadrant 37.

Na'Toth is in G'Kar's quarters, sitting at G'Kar's table (but she doesn't have his dinner ;-). The door bleeps.

NA'TOTH: "Enter!"

Sinclair enters.

NA'TOTH: "Commander, it's late."

SIN: "I know. I just thought I'd try once more to settle the Quadrant 37 situation."

NA'TOTH: "I am afraid the ambassador is resting - he's rather fatigued from his heavy schedule. Perhaps if you came back..."

The curtain to G'Kar's bedroom whizzes open and three luscious Earth ladies parade around the desk and out the door. Sinclair just stares in amazement. Na'Toth looks ready to kill and rather embarrassed. She pulls herself together and smiles graciously (there are other words I could use, but I think gracious will do for the nonce).

NA'TOTH: "I believe the ambassador can see you now."

Na'Toth purses her lips and stalks out.

scene break.

Na'Toth enters G'Kar's quarters. G'Kar is asleep, his head on his folded arms on the table. She approaches quietly, then lightly taps his wrist. "Ambassador."

G'kar awakens.

G'KAR: "What is it, Na'Toth?"

She swallows, hard. "The outpost in Quadrant 37 is gone."

G'Kar is still sleepy. "What do you mean gone? You can't establish contact?"

NA'TOTH: "That's what we thought at first." She sits down slowly. "So Homeworld sent out a ship to investigate. The entire outpost has been destroyed. Every building levelled. -" (G'Kar is well and truly awake now.) "- Three heavy cruisers in near orbit gone. Fighters gone."

G'KAR: "How? The outpost records?"

NA'TOTH: "Destroyed."

G'KAR: (sinking down) "Survivors?"

NA'TOTH: "None." (softly, shaking head) "10,000 of our best warriors dead. It's as if some great hand reached out of space and just erased them!"

G'KAR: "It wasn't the humans and the Centauri don't have the will. The Vorlons don't care! The Minbari wouldn't do it... the other worlds aren't powerful enough for a strike like this....there's someone else out there, Na'Toth."

scene break.

G'Kar and Na'Toth get into the core shuttle. Ivanova is already in there and nods in greeting. Na'Toth is abnormally subdued. Indeed, she is remarkably deferential to G'Kar and looks to him constantly.

G'KAR: "I was looking for the Commander?"

IV: "He's in Medlab."

G'KAR: "Mr Garibaldi?"

IV: "We won't know for a while yet."

G'KAR: "I came to tell him that there seems little point to another council meeting to discuss quadrant 37..."

NA'TOTH: "We imagine you've heard by now."

IV: "Yes, a little while ago. Any clues yet as to who did it?"

NA'TOTH: "No. None."

G'KAR: "My condolences on the death of your President. This has been a black day for both of us, Lieutenant Commander Ivanova, a black and terrible day."

NA'TOTH: "We will find whoever is responsible for the destruction of our base and we will retaliate!" (this is a bit more like the real Na'Toth! :)

G'KAR: "Though our two races have had our troubles I wish you luck in your own quest for justice. May the guilty be found and punished."

scene break.

Na'Toth enters G'Kar's quarters.

NA'TOTH: "Ambassador G'Kar?"

She looks around as the computer terminal speaks. "Voice recognition pattern Na'Toth recognised. Message delivery start:"

G'Kar tells Na'Toth he has certain suspicions about the attack on quadrant 37. He is going there on the fastest transport available. She should "tell the commander that he was right - we were at a crossroads and there is no going back. Expect me when you see me..."

Na'Toth absorbs this and turns away slowly....

and thus do we see the last of G'Kar's aide, the gorgeous JCB Na'Toth (we won't mention 2nd season) :-(.

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