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In these links, you'll find every last word Na'Toth said in her five Season One appearances on B5 (remember, we aren't counting the second season Na'Toth, though I suppose I should include it - I am sure that you can give it Julie's manner of presentation).

Some good quotes for you:

G'KAR: Yes, anything is possible. Anything! What would you say if I told you that counsellor Du'Rog had hired someone to kill me, someone close to me...

NA'TOTH: Ambassador, with all due respect, if it were me, you wouldn't be here for us to have this conversation.

NA'TOTH: Ambassador, it is not my place to speculate on how anything gets into your bed.

NA'TOTH: Hmm, I see you are using paingivers. Crude... unimaginative... and much too quick.

G'KAR: That's your flight. I suggest you board quickly. With luck, they may never find you. But if they do, you will know pain.

NA'TOTH: And you will know fear (shoves Tu'Pari's bag at him).

G'KAR: And then you will die. (He shoves Tu'Pari towards the gate) Have a pleasant flight.

NA'TOTH: Her face is carved into the minds of my entire brood. I smell my grandfather's blood on her hands. I tell you it is she!

NA'TOTH: I will take it from her when I eat her flesh.

NA'TOTH: (practically hissing) She is near; I can smell her. Free me from this cage and I'll deal with her.

NA'TOTH: .... The Narn Regime has accomplished many things in its glorious past, but bodysnatching isn't one of them. Why don't you ask in the alien sector. I'm sure you can find someone there with an interest in dead bodies.

GAR: Oh, no, not the carrion eaters...

NA'TOTH: (laughs nastily) Bon appetit!

G'KAR: What do you believe in?

NA'TOTH: Myself, Ambassador.

G'KAR: Too easy an answer. We all believe in something greater than ourselves, even if it just the blind forces of chance.

NA'TOTH: Chance favours the warrior.

NA'TOTH: I am afraid the ambassador is resting - he's rather fatigued from his heavy schedule. Perhaps if you came back...(Three Earth ladies parade out of his bedroom and out the door. Na'Toth holds her air of graciousness with some difficulty) ...I believe the ambassador can see you now.

Na'Toth Home Page | Lynne's Home Page

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