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The body of the great Minbari warrior and religious leader, Branmer, has disappeared. The Minbari are in conniptions. Garibaldi is questioning Na'Toth.

NA'TOTH: "How can you even think that we may have had something to do with the disappearance? Why? Why should we want it?"

Garibaldi suggests various revenge/blackmail opportunities amongst other things.

NA'TOTH: "I'm sure that you could, Mr Garibaldi, but I'm not interested. The Narn Regime has accomplished many things in its glorious past, but bodysnatching isn't one of them. Why don't you ask in the alien sector. I'm sure you can find someone there with an interest in dead bodies."

GAR: "Oh, no, not the carrion eaters..."

NA'TOTH: (laughs nastily) "Bon appetit!"

Scene break. The young Human telepath is meeting with Na'Toth.

NA'TOTH: "The house, of course, would be decorated entirely to your taste - in Earth style or Narnish, if you prefer."

ELISA: "You said something about clothing? And jewellery?"

NA'TOTH: "Ah, yes - there will be a substantial credit allowance for clothing and other personal adornment, in addition to your fee for services. We are prepared to be extremely generous."

Franklin and Ivanova walk in.

IV: "What services is she supposed to render?"

NA'TOTH: "I was making an offer to Elisa. Not to you, Lieutenant Commander."

IV: (harshly) "What services?"

NA'TOTH: "So simple and yet so rewarding. All we ask is a small sample of blood and tissue every now and then, say twice a month? You know we are the only race without telepaths. You will become the mother, genetically speaking, of an entire breed of Narn telepaths."

IV: "I don't believe this. Didn't G'Kar try to talk our last telepath into something like this?" (Na'Toth sighs) "You trying to succeed where he failed?"

ELISA: "I'd have to live on the Narn homeworld - sounds interesting...."

FR: "You'd probably be the only Human there."

NA'TOTH: "Ah, but we are prepared to pay so well for the privilege of entertaining you."

ELISA: "I'd really like to see it. I almost can if I concen...."

She looks closely at Na'Toth, then both draw back.

ELISA: "I'll talk to you later I have to lie down."

read along!

NA'TOTH: "I hope that isn't some sign of frailty in her."

IV: "Why don't you check her teeth while you're at it?"

NA'TOTH: "Think that's a good idea?"

IV: "I suggest you leave, Na'Toth, promptly. You've made your offer."

NA'TOTH: "Tell her I expect her answer soon." (She begins to walk off, then steps back) "Good idea about the teeth." (Exits)

FR:(to Elisa) "What happened?"

ELISA: "I peeked into her mind. I know I'm not supposed to but..."

IV: "What was it like in there?"

ELISA: (Crying) "Cold. Ugly. Alien. It's not like looking into a Human mind - it felt like I was falling into something terrible."

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