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The Corwin Homage Page
The Corwin Homage Page

This page, I am afraid to say, is still undergoing development. It will remain fairly simple in format - pretty graphics are very nice, but they take a long time to download and I tend to leave a site if it takes more than about a minute to download stuff. Hey, even when I have it looking nice, it may not be completed until Babylon 5 completes its run in australia - which it has only just done, with Sleeping in Light aired on 8th September 1999. So I really should pull my finger out and get moving!


10th September 1999. Another Corwin Page is on the net! Yes, go and have a look at Lonegungrl's Corwin page.

7th September 1998. Pretty graphical headers, plus more proofreading and general prettying up of the pages!

16 August 1998. After a disastrous crash which lead to the temporary demise of my web pages, we now have the new and improved Corwin page, with links on every page so you'll never get lost again! (yeah, right ;-)


I now have many rather grainy pics of Josh at the recent Best of Both Worlds 3 con in Sydney Oz. Some of these are now up on the page! Check more of them out! I've also scanned in some pics of Josh and of Corwin (tell me who owns the copyright on these, Josh! If you ever visit again! Or even one of your mates!)

Check out my Best of Both Worlds 3 con report. I've even added pics! :-) So beware - it will take its own sweet time to download!

Plus, Josh has said that he will be getting his own home page and creating a fan club after he returns from Oz and Bali. I still haven't heard anything about this come September, 1999, however. There was a webpage coming together, created by the Queensland Star trek club (go figure) but this disappeared late 1998.

And Angua has a Corwin page too! Check it out!

What is to be here

As I get time to fix this page up, I'll add more bits. We'll find out who Corwin is, when we first saw him, what his first words (and many other words were - yes, he is a babe in more than one sense of the word ;-), and so on. I'm even putting together a list of which episodes he is in and what he does in those episodes. With any luck I'll even be able to find out something about his actor, Josh Cox. The IMDB has very little on him. The con told me very little about him either.

Why devote a page to Corwin?

Answer One: he's cute ;-)

Answer Two: I always used to think that people who were devoted to Greedo or to Boba Fett in Star Wars, or those who followed the Cult of Gonk were just a little cracked. Call me cracked, call me a dweeb, tell me that I have entirely too little life and too much B5. B5 has opened my eyes and my mind to the forces of myth, sacrifice and the consequences of our actions.

These days I realise that the characters with smaller parts can still play an important role in the development of a story, and so it is with Corwin. Through him, we can see what life in Babylon 5 is like for the lesser mortals, those who are not out battling the Ancient Races, those who do not have to face mighty demons in themselves, those who are just normal people in an extraordinary place. Only one other page has looked at Corwin's role in Babylon 5, and indeed one page that lists every character that appears in B5 has failed to notice him at all!

I intend to remedy this.

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