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The Corwin Homage Page
Joshua Cox, the actor

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Some say that Corwin is wooden, not a real fully fleshed character. They will disagree with my opinion of Corwin, and the way he is acted by Joshua Cox. Natch, they will also disagree with Josh's opinion. How about it Josh, you and me and a growing band of members (ack! What a concept...yuck!) go and bash the unbelievers about the ears!

Corwin is the face of innocence, not stupidity. He seems good enough at his job, but has not yet learnt to question authority, being a good, presumably recently graduated soldier. Joshua Cox portrays this well. We see a young, naive man who doesn't get out enough (much like many people I know. Ah hell, much like me - it's Friday night and I am at home editing a web page!).

In the earlier eps, we don't get to see much of Corwin, and his role is simply to relay information. Later on, we start learning about Corwin, and anyone who reckons Corwin is wooden then, we'll meet outside and have words. Or I'll find a member (don't have one myself) to bash you around the ears with ;-)

Watch the season five opening teaser. Tell me Josh can't act then. Corwin goes through so many states from helplessly flustered to annoyed to protective - there are too many to list. All in two or three minutes! In that time we also get to see that Corwin is maturing and taking on more responsibility. So nyeh.

Joshua Cox, the bio

Even now, having met Josh, I have found he is extremely coy about revealing much of himself. Especially his age. One presumes that his reticence is a reflection of hitting the big three-oh (he doesn't look it). I prefer to say that I am 26, myself (having finished my PhD I can now start ageing less than gracefully. More like disgracefully :-).

Thanks to the TV Zone Winter Special of 96/97 and the con in Sydney, I now have a bit of info about Josh. Before that - zilch, zippo.

"I guess I've always been a bit of an Anglophile..." "I have a great love for shows like "Monty Python's Flying Circus," "Fry and Laurie," and "Black Adder" with Rowan Atkinson." Josh has a great appreciation for English humour, despite being born and raised in New York city. He can do passable English accents, but was not game to try an Oz accent. Probably just as well, too.

In his spare time, Josh likes to play the guitar. He also goes snowboarding, surfing and "other extreme sports". Hope he doesn't ruin that pretty face...he's already had a go at one shoulder.

Some Stats

Other Roles

Oops, I am getting there :-) Have info, just don't have the time...

Who is Corwin? | the Eps | Analysis | Con report | Interviews | Pics
The Corwin Page | Lynne's home page

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