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Julie Caitlin's new online fan club can be foundHERE! Go to it! Join! Enjoy!

also, if you want the words to Julie's CD, "Sheddin' My Skin" look at Sue's site.

9th October 98

Very old news now but useful for those with memories like mine... Julie marries her beau, Craig. Am still awaiting reports of the wedding from then UK JCB fan club president Elspeth.... only three years on!

As an update on the above, I have at least seen some pics of the wedding now - the bride looked gorgeous, as she would, but for me to see those pics, I had to travel to the UK from Australia!


or for you Merkins 1/6/98, but that is the first of June for me!). A press release for you!

Julie Caitlin Brown, Na'Toth of Babylon 5, has just released her new CD, "Sheddin' My Skin". Currently it is only available via mail order. To get more information, please email Julie include your name and postal address and a mail order form will be sent to you immediately. A full, ten song, all original album featuring some of the best musicians working today, Julie's CD is a reflection of several styles of American music, from blues to country.

Alternatively, if you have a printer, you can print out this nifty order form and see a message from Julie. The form cannot be submitted by email - dunno about you, but I don't have secure servers and I wouldn't send my credit card number off through the wilds of the Net without the right security.

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