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Pirate Party 99 - the fencing

Just as the pirate party has become an annual event, it also seems that Jay and Chris must duel.  Dunno if it for anyone's honour - they seem to do it for fun.  Strange chaps - poking each other with long bendy bits of metal called foils.  (ok, I admit, I have done a bit of fencing myself)

Anyway, here are a few random shots.... and Kylie got into the act as well.

Chris the evil pirate   Jay the regimental dude  Kylie takes on da boyz

The combatants - Chris, Jay and later Kylie

the battle begins

A fierce attack by Chris, beaten off by our righteous regimental dude

and a counterattack

who then launches a counterattack

Chris' cocky about to take a dive

Chris, your cocky is going!


honour is satisfied

Don't know who won, but Chris survived with his cocky intact, if a little deflated looking.....


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