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Pirate Party 99

The pirate party has become an annual event.  Every year, Chris, Tim and co put on a big event.  It is a christmas party that ain't a christmas party.  The aim is to dress up like a pirate or with a pirate theme.  This year, the most inventive costume(s) were worn by a group of girls dessed up as the Spanish Armada.  I guess they intended to blow the pirates out of the water!  Pity that I didn't get a good pic of them.

Anyway, here are a few random shots....

some ?vicious? pirates

Wenches, harridans and pirates!

Tim and Kylie, the scourge of the southern seas

Tim and Kylie enjoying a drink....

a bad shot of my mermaid costume

That's me, attempting to be a mermaid.  Pity you can't see my tail.  I used lots and lots of tinsel strands/lametta.  Shiny!


dancing to Madonna's Vogue

MicMac caught in the act of voguing.  Love that Rod Stewart wig, Michael!

Katie, Tim and Zik, plugged in

Unfortunately, The Awful Truth could not play cos Simon's grandma died (Simon does lead vocals), but Tim, Katie and Zik did a bit of jamming.

the ancient pirate art of thumbwrestling

Jay and Paul took each other on in thurmbwrestling after Jay had previously indulged in a little fencing

Linda, MicMac and me

And to finish things off, a trio of luverly wenches for you, nicely lined up in decreasing bust size....  Ignore the five o'clock shadow on the one in the middle.  ;-)

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