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Divided Loyalties

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Corwin's hair is quite long and curly (still short on the sides but longish on top).

Ivanova and Talia are having breakfast together in the ?Zocalo. Ivanova's link bleeps.

IV - "Ivanova here."

COR - "You're needed up in C&C, Commander. A ship came in through the jump gate a few minutes ago but now it's just sitting there."

IV - "On my way."

scene break.

Ivanova is at the main window. Corwin is to her right.

IV - "Definate carbon scoring in the hull. She's been hit by something....Unidentified ship this is Babylon control. Please respond."

She turns to Corwin - "Anything?"

COR - "Negative. Still registering one life form."

IV - "All right - we'd better bring her in...."

scene break.

In Sheridan's quarters, with Ivanova. Sheridan's link bleeps.

SHER - "Sheridan."

COR - (offscreen) "Message for you from Ambassador Delenn, Captain."

SHER - "What's the message?"

COR - "One word - Now."

scene break.

The staff of B5 are being tested by Lyta in Sheridan's office.

COR - "You said you needed to see me?"

SHER - "Yes I just wanted to say I think you're going a very good job." He looks past Corwin to Lyta, who shakes her head a little. "That'll be all..."

COR - "Oh. Well thank you." He looks a little bemused and leaves.

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