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The Long Twilight Struggle

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(note - this is one of my favourite episodes just cos I am also a G'Kar freak as well...watching this stuff is devastating. But this is the Corwin page, so onwards!)

In C&C, to the right side of the dome.

COR - "That's funny..."

TECH - "What?" (This is the same tech who became a member of the Nightwatch and snitched on Sheridan to Mr Lantz in tFoN.)

COR - "I'm picking up an energy surge from the planet below!"

TECH - "You sure?"

COR - "Of course I'm sure. Take a look for yourself. The Commander was afraid something like this might happen one of these days.

TECH - "Something like what?"

COR - "Station 3 to Commander Ivanova."

Scene cuts to the infamous shower scene.

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