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The JCB - CD Order Form

"Sheddin' My Skin"

A Message from Julie

Bonus to Sci-Fi fans! Free Na'Toth signed game card included. Limited offer!

Print out this form and send it to:

Sorry, no net submissions at this stage.

First name: Surname:

Your mailing address:


State: ZIP/Postal Code:


Please send me CDs at $15 each, totalling US dollars.

I have included shipping costs of US dollars

Enclosed is a cheque/money order/bank draft for US dollars

All monies should be payable to: Illumina Productions at the above address

OR please bill my credit card:



For the amount of US dollars

In the name of: Expiry date:


"Sheddin' My Skin" CD - Shipping and Handling

Continental US - per CD $3.95

Hawaii, Alaska and international - per CD $4.95

California Residents add 8.25% sales tax

International: cashier's cheques, bank drafts, in US dollars

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery

For the US, personal cheques okay ($25.00 returned cheque fee)

Allow 2 weeks for delivery

For a copy of the lyrics, please enclose an SASE with your order

All sales are final and there are no refunds, though damaged goods will be replaced for the same item, and these must be sent to the same address as usual (see above).

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