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Or why I worship at Her altar

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Na'Toth is a diplomatic attache from the tv series Babylon 5. She is a tall female Narn of stroppy (ie fiery) temperament, and is real babe IMO (ducking and running for cover - I think Na'Toth would be bemused by being called a real babe. After her bemusement turned into something else, I think I'd hide for a few days. Or maybe a few lifetimes :-).

Na'Toth is G'Kar's second aide aboard Babylon 5, sent to replace Ko'Dath after she met with an accident in an airlock ("most unfortunate!"). Na'Toth's relationship with G'Kar immediately starts off on a rocky road - her arrival coincides with an assassination attempt against the ambassador (Parliament of Dreams).

Over the course of her assignment on B5, we see a number of aspects of Na'Toth's character (remember, jms does not create one-dimensional characters). Na'Toth is not an aide who will do her best to help the ambassador she is assigned to, unlike Lennier and Vir, who are really quite sweet characters. She has her own agenda and is ambitious and cunning (By Any Means Necessary). She is capable of great violence (Parliament of Dreams and Deathwalker), but also of gentleness and sorrow (Parliament of Dreams and Chrysalis). She is clever and well able to take care of herself.

Let's face it - she's got it all! Brains, looks, charm and aggro :-) What more could a being require! :-)

Na'Toth Home Page | Lynne's Home Page

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