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First sighting of Na'Toth in this episode.

G'Kar has just listened to the message from Du'Rog telling G'Kar that he has only 48 Earth hours to live.

G'KAR: Someone close to me....

Door chimes.

G'KAR: Come.

Na'Toth enters.

NA'TOTH: Diplomatic attache Na'Toth reporting for duty.

G'Kar looks at her, and Na'Toth looks back with curiosity.

NA'TOTH: Your new aide, Ambassador.

scene break

In G'Kar's quarters, Na'Toth is entering stuff into a handheld datapad of some type. G'Kar is sitting opposite her, scrutinising her closely. Na'Toth pauses and looks up, staring back.

NA'TOTH: Something, Ambassador?

G'KAR: Just thinking about last week - the unfortunate accident with an airlock that caused the sudden demise of my first aide, Ko'Dath?

NA'TOTH: Ah (nods).

G'KAR: Very sudden! Who did you say sponsored you to be my attache?

NA'TOTH: Counsellor Li'Dak, fifth circle.

G'KAR: Ah, then you must know his own sponsor, Du'Rog.

NA'TOTH: No, I've never met him.

G'KAR: You seem very certain about someone you've never met. In all your dealings with the Kha'Ri isn't it possible that you once met someone named Counsellor Du'Rog?

NA'TOTH: Anything is possible.

G'KAR: Yes, anything is possible. Anything! What would you say if I told you that counsellor Du'Rog had hired someone to kill me, someone close to me...

NA'TOTH: Ambassador, with all due respect, if it were me, you wouldn't be here for us to have this conversation.

G'KAR: Except of course Du'Rog wants to prolong my discomfort for the next 48 earth hours. The last thing he wants is a quick death.

NA'TOTH: Ah. How can you be sure that there is an assassin on board? What if he only told you this to frighten you.

G'KAR: Unlikely.

NA'TOTH: Ah, well as you said, anything is possible. If he wanted the best, he would have gone to the assassin's guild to get a killer. It is a tradition with the Thenta Makur to leave a black flower near his victim so that they can get their affairs in order. Have you received a death blossom?

G'KAR: No.

NA'TOTH: Then I wouldn't worry. (softens) Get some sleep, Ambassador - I am sure the question will resolve itself soon enough.

G'Kar sighs...looks absolutely knackered.

Scene break.

G'Kar is asleep. Rolls over, sniffs in his sleep smelling the death blossom in his bed. He awakens and terrified, screams.

Scene break.

Na'Toth is turning the deathblossom over and over in her hands.

G'Kar strides out of the bedroom.

G'KAR: And you have no idea how that (swiping at flower) got into my bed?

NA'TOTH: Ambassador, it is not my place to speculate on how _anything_ gets into your bed. Your reputed fascination with earth women for instance.... If you're worried, why don't you go to the commander. He could protect you.

G'KAR: I fight my own battles. I survived our war of independance, five years on the council and two prior assassination attempts. I can survive this. Asking for help would require explaining why Counsellor Du'Rog wanted me dead. This would lead to some unfortunate revelations about my years on the council. Revelations that could affect my position.

NA'TOTH: Ah...(rather interested - another thing to blackmail G'Kar with?)

G'KAR: Personally I don't care if the information comes out. My only concern is that it might compromise our standing in the negotiations. So we have to handle this quietly, for the sake of planetary security (shaking his small stone knife in her face).

NA'TOTH: Of course.

Na'Toth clearly thinks G'Kar is a loony. She stands up and G'Kar leaps back whilst holding his knife in her face.

NA'TOTH: Ambassador, if you suspect that I am involved, why are you telling me all this?

G'KAR: Earthers have a phrase - keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I think they stole it from us. Either way I look forward to strengthening our relationship. Now I must find the courier who brought me this message. I believe his name was Tu'Pari. I must find out who gave it to him.

NA'TOTH: He's probably left the station by now.

G'KAR: No - no ships for Narn have left since yesterday afternoon. He's still be here. Finding him will be your first test. Meanwhile I'll arrange for a little protection. (he stabs the knife into a ?fruit)

NA'TOTH: I thought you weren't going to tell the Earthers about this.

G'KAR: I'm not.

He leaves. Na'Toth picks up the death blossom and regards it.

scene break.

The Minbari rebirth ceremony. The death of flesh, the death of pain. Taste of it and be not afraid, for I am with you.

G'Kar comes storming into his quarters, absolutely frantic.

G'KAR: Where is he? I was told a bodyguard would be at the ceremony! I was all alone! The taste of your own death and deed is-

NA'TOTH: (trying to interject) Ambassador. Ambassador! AMBASSADOR!

She finally gets his attention and gestures.

NA'TOTH: The other room...

The bodyguard is dead, with a deathblossom.

several scene breaks. Na'Toth walks into the customs area and up to the Narn courier.

NA'TOTH: Are you the courier Tu'Pari?


NA'TOTH: Come with me.

TU'PARI: I am needed on homeworld. I have my orders.

NA'TOTH: So do I. I am already an hour late in bringing you to Ambassador G'Kar. Which gives us something in common - if you do not come with me, you will be the late courier Tu'Pari.

Tu'Pari follows Na'Toth out of the customs area.

scene break.

In G'Kar's quarters. G'Kar is sitting on a table, head on fist, looking pensive. Door bleeps.

G'KAR: Come.

Na'Toth shoves Tu'Pari in the door.

NA'TOTH: The courier Tu'Pari, Ambassador, as you requested.

G'KAR: I do wish to speak to him alone, if you don't mind Na'Toth.

She bows and leaves.

scene break.

G'Kar is talking to someone from homeworld. He requests that Na'Toth be reassigned within 24 hours - he wants her off the station. Then something he didn't expect occurs.

scene break.

Na'Toth walks into G'Kar's quarters.

NA'TOTH: Ambassador? Ambassador G'Kar?

He is not there. She looks around, sees broken glass on the ground. She bends, picks some of it up and rubs it between her fingers and throws it to the ground, then turns to the terminal.

NA'TOTH: Re-establish connection with last transmission.

Scene break.

G'Kar is being tortured by Tu'Pari. Some instinct or sound tells Tu'Pari to turn around and see what is behind him.

TU'PARI: Na'Toth!

NA'TOTH: I'm glad to see my instincts were correct. I knew you would need complete privacy for this. So once I had determined which of the transport tubes had suddenly broken down, it wasn't hard to figure out where you were.

TU'PARI: This is none of your affair, Na'Toth. Leave while you can.

NA'TOTH: Not until I've done what I came here to do. I'm your backup, Tu'Pari, hired to finish the job in case you failed.

TU'PARI: I wasn't told about a back up!

NA'TOTH: No, the primary never is. Standard practice in the assasssin's guild as you well know.

TU'PARI: Why should I believe you?

NA'TOTH: Hmm, I see you are using paingivers. Crude... unimaginative... and much too quick. Our orders were to prolong his discomfort every moment until the deadline.

TU'PARI: And what would you recommend?

She nudges G'Kar onto his back with her foot.

G'KAR: Na'Toth!

NA'TOTH: At your service, Ambassador.

Her smile is a little nasty :-) Then she beats the crap out of him.

TU'PARI: And this is the part where I am supposed to decide I trust you, drop my guard and let you shoot me in the back. Sorry, but I can't take the chance that you're lying.

NA'TOTH: You're making a mistake.

TU'PARI: Perhaps.

G'Kar comes in like a raging bull and beats the crap out of Tu'Pari. G'Kar throws Tu'Pari around as if he were a doll. G'Kar dusts himself off and shakes a finger at Na'Toth.

G'KAR: That hurt!

NA'TOTH: (looking away) Ambassador, it was the only way to disable the paingivers. I had to hit them as hard as possible as often as possible and still make it appear as though I was beating you into another incarnation.

G'KAR: And you didn't enjoy it in the least?

NA'TOTH: I didn't say that..(looking at G'Kar, then past him) What are you going to do with Tu'Pari?

G'Kar chuckles.

scene break.

G'KAR: Well, well, you're finally awake.

Tu'Pari tries to escape, but G'Kar is on one side and Na'Toth on the other.

G'KAR: I was afraid that the injection wouldn't wear off for another day or so.

TU'PARI: Another...? Another day?

NA'TOTH: It's been nearly 72 Earth hours since you were knocked out. You missed your deadline. (brightly) Most unfortunate!

G'KAR: But to make up for it I went ahead and deposited a substantial amount of money to your personal account back home.

TU'PARI: No - the Thenta Makur - they'll think I betrayed my commission! Sold out on principles!

G'Kar nods, most pleasedly.

TU'PARI: They will kill me!

G'KAR: Yes, they will won't they? I imagine they are already on their way!

NA'TOTH: Actually, they will be here in about one hour. It would be even more unfortunate if they were to find you here when they arrive.

G'KAR: Oh,yes. Happily, I'm safe because the commission was yours alone and they are so scandalised by your actions that they would just as soon forget the whole thing ever happened.

NA'TOTH: Except for the part about killing him.

G'KAR: Except for that, yes.

The flight boarding call is heard.

G'KAR: That's your flight. I suggest you board quickly. With luck, they may never find you. But if they do, you will know pain.

Readalong! (46Kb)

NA'TOTH: And you will know fear (shoves Tu'Pari's bag at him).

G'KAR: And then you will die. (He shoves Tu'Pari towards the gate) Have a pleasant flight.

They walk off. G'Kar slaps Na'Toth on the back and she laughs.

We see G'Kar and Na'Toth walking through corridors, laughing.

G'KAR: When we took his spectacles and smashed them on the floor, I thought - (both are cackling as Sinclair interrupts).

SIN: Ambassador - enjoying the last day of the festival?

G'KAR: More than you could possibly imagine. Good day.

And the Narn walk off chuckling.

scene break

The Ambassadors and their aides are waiting, rather impatiently, for the Human celebration of religion to begin.

NA'TOTH: I don't hear any drums.

or any bells or any gongs. Indeed they don't hear much because Sinclair has organised a line-up of representatives from pretty much every religion or belief system on Earth.

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