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A Minbari flier docks at bay 17.

Na'Toth is walking to a terminal in the boarding area.

NA'TOTH: "Query - liner Callisto."

Comp: "Liner Callisto will be docking in bay 12 in seven minutes."

Na'Toth unfolds her arms and turns away. She watches the incoming passengers, bored. A being dressed in Minbari warrior caste clothing gives id to the customs chap. Na'Toth looks up - this being piques her interest. Her eyes flare - (softly) "Deathwalker?" - and she bursts into action. "Deathwalker! DEATHWALKERRRR!"

Scenes of mayhem and bloody violence as Na'Toth rushes at the being and tries to beat her into a pulp. A crowd is standing staring at the sideshow. Security rushes in and grabs Na'Toth's arm as she lays into the woman with a ?adjustable wrench?

NA'TOTH: "Let me go! She must die - she's Deathwalker! Deathwalkerrrr!"

scene break.

Sinclair and Garibaldi are walking along, talking about the victim.

SIN: "Na'Toth give you any reason for the attack?"

GAR: "Nothing intelligible. She was totally berserk when we hauled her in. Kept yelling Deathwalker."

SIN: "Deathwalker?"

GAR: "I thought you might remember that name - I know I do."

scene break.

Na'Toth is under guard in a holding cell.

SIN: "Na'Toth, why did you attack that woman?"

Na'Toth is looking away and chooses not to answer.

GAR: "Listen sister, if she dies, you'll rot in a cage until your spots turn grey."

SIN: "Na'Toth, we want to help you, but you have to tell us why."

Na'Toth considers her words.

NA'TOTH: "It is the Shon'Kar. The Blood Oath. When the Dilgar conquered Hilax 7, my grandfather and his family were there. Deathwalker used them in her experiments. They all died, except my grandfather who managed to escape back to Narn... but not before she implanted a machine in his brain. It slowly killed his mind and his spirit and we could do nothing but watch. When he died, my family took the Shon'Kar and now our vengeance is at hand."

SIN: "The Dilgar invasion was 30 earth years ago. If Deathwalker was alive today she'd be an old woman."

NA'TOTH: "Her face is carved into the minds of my entire brood. I smell my grandfather's blood on her hands. I tell you it is she!"

Sinclair and Garibaldi are still not sure.

SIN: "Go over that woman's ship. I want to know everything there is to know about her."

GAR: "You and me both." (Garibaldi leaves).

G'Kar comes bustling into the room.

G'KAR: "Commander Sinclair, my abject apologies for this terrible incident. I don't know what came over my attache. Let me assure you that I am personally prepared to make amends to her victim."

Every time G'Kar looks at Na'Toth, she looks away.

SIN: "Her victim is still in medlab. If she lives I''ll convey your offer."

G'KAR: "I see... If you will release Na'Toth into my custody, I'll take full responsibility for her conduct!"

SIN: "Given the circumstances, that's impossible. However, I will agree to house arrest pending outcome of our investigation. Guards, take Ms Na'Toth to G'Kar's quarters. She is not to leave for any reason."

GUARDS: "Yessir!"

G'KAR: "You have my gratitude, commander. Na'TOTH!"

G'Kar stalks out, Na'Toth stops in front of Sinclair and bows her head slightly. Sinclair responds in kind. G'Kar flaps his hand impatiently.

scene break.

In G'Kar's quarters.

NA'TOTH: "I am sorry to bring you shame Ambassador, but I must fulfil my Shon'Kar."

G'Kar is pouring a drink.

G'KAR: "You did not shame me, Na'Toth. I know how your senses burn with the nearness of your prey. I too have Shon'Kar. Many of them. But unhappily in this case, yours complicates matters."

He gives her the drink.

NA'TOTH: "I don't understand. "

She sips the drink.

G'KAR: "Counsellor Ha'Roc, the Narn you were to meet in customs was here to bargain with Jha'Dur. Our agents learned of a discovery she made that could be of great benefit to our regime. But after your attack on her, Ha'Roc could not hope to approach her without the drawing the attention of Earth Alliance. So he has returned to Narn and left me to secure this discovery of hers."

NA'TOTH: "I will take it from her when I eat her flesh."

G'KAR: (both placating and ordering) "Noooo, the Kha'Ri says we must get her to Narn alive ."


She gets up to leave. G'Kar grabs her by the arm and pulls her close.

G'KAR: "This is larger than Shon'Kar. It would give Narn the advantage it needs to expand the Regime and cross our enemies! You must make this sacrifice for the future of our people! As all Narn have sacrificed at one time or another."

Na'Toth is hearing words she does not want to hear. She is huffing and puffing as she tries to control herself. "I'll delay the Shon'Kar...but I will not abandon it!"

G'KAR: "You would not be Narn if you did. I am proud of you and when we get what we want from this butcher, I promise to help you fulfill your vow." He does the old double chest punch and then folds his hands over his heart and bows his head. She places one fist over her chest and bows her head.

scene break.

G'Kar is negotiating with Jha'Dur. He makes an offer of triple what Earth Alliance is making.

JHA'DUR: "Tempting. Grant me one more thing and I'll consider it."

G'KAR: "Name it!"

JHA'DUR: "The head of the animal that attacked me. Within the hour."

G'Kar looks down and hurries out of the room.

Jha'Dur laughs. Nasty laugh she has.

scene break.

G'Kar enters his quarters. where Na'Toth is pacing backwards and forwards

G'KAR: "One of our agents has just informed me that Sinclair is going to smuggle Jha'Dur off the station."

NA'TOTH: "What?!!!"

G'KAR: "Blast him and that infernal female!"

NA'TOTH: (practically hissing) "She is near; I can smell her. Free me from this cage and I'll deal with her."

G'KAR: "Mmm, not yet. There is a better way."

He sits down at his desk terminal. Na'Toth leans over to watch.

G'KAR: "Ambassador G'Kar to speak to Ambassador Kalika on a most urgent matter."

He looks up at Na'Toth and nods smugly.

scene break.

Jha'Dur's ship is destroyed by the Vorlons. Na'Toth is seen to grimace - half a smile but some chagrin in there. She has missed the chance to fulfil the Shon'Kar and eat her enemy's flesh.

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