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G'Kar is performing a ceremony for the days of G'Quan.

Na'Toth comes to the door and waits outside. "Ambassador."

G'Kar is dressed in some form of hooded robe. He finishes off: "Thus spake G'Quan at the dawn of all mornings." He shuts the Book of G'Quan and lowers his hood onto his shoulders. "Enter!"

Na'Toth looks uncomfortable and sets her shoulders. She walks in.

NA'TOTH: "I'm sorry to disturb you at this time, Ambassador. I bring unhappy news. There's been an accident on one of our cargo ships."

G'KAR: "Wha?"

NA'TOTH: "The Tal'Quith."

G'KAR: "Was there much damage?"

NA'TOTH: "The entire cargo bay was blown out. I'm afraid the G'Quan'Eth was destroyed in the accident."

G'KAR: (turns away) "No." (G'Kar is sinking downwards) "No." (He covers his mouth as he says) "Oh no...."(He is quite distraught.)

scene break.

G'Kar is looking for a G'Quan'Eth. Londo offers his help, "If I can be of assistance, you will let me know, yes?"

G'KAR: "No." He looks particularly put out

Londo laughs and leaves and Na'Toth arrives - one fisted salute, right fist to the left chest.

G'KAR: "Well?"

NA'TOTH: "There's noone who can have a G'Quan'Eth delivered in time for the ceremony."

G'KAR: "Shrock!"

NA'TOTH: "However, according to import records, there is one being on the station who has the flower."

G'KAR: "Well who is it?"

NA'TOTH: (softly and quickly) "Ambassador Mollari."

G'KAR: "What?!!!!"

LONDO: "Yoo hoo!" He waves from the lift and giggles madly as the doors shut.

G'Kar grunts, annoyed, and swipes at the air. "Ahh, why does the universe hate me?"

Na'Toth claps him on the shoulder.

scene break.

G'Kar has just had Mollari refuse to sell him the G'Quan'Eth. He turns from the terminal and roars with rage. "Arrrh - I'll kill him with my bare hands -" he thwacks a bottle off the table, shattering it. Na'Toth pulls back. "- by my pouch there's nothing to stop me! Sinclair can only kick me off the station - he might even thank me!!!" He nearly swipes his book of G' Quan off the table then checks himself - the sacred book! Then blesses himself. Na'Toth relaxes as G'Kar's immediate fury passes.

G'KAR: "You're not a follower of G'Quan, are you, Na'Toth?"

NA'TOTH: "My father was a disciple of G'Lan. My mother didn't believe in much of anything."

G'KAR: "What do you believe in?"

NA'TOTH: "Myself, Ambassador."

G'KAR: "Too easy an answer. We all believe in something greater than ourselves, even if it just the blind forces of chance."

NA'TOTH: "Chance favours the warrior."

G'Kar disbelieves.

NA'TOTH: "Isn't there anything you can do to get the G'Quan'Eth before the deadline?"

G'KAR: "Only one more thing and I hate having to do it, but if that should fail, there's something I want you to do."

NA'TOTH: "At your service, Ambassador." (oo, err slimey!)

scene break

After Sinclair has failed to procure the plant from Mollari, and Sinclair leaves for an urgent meeting, G'Kar pulls a communication device from his sleeve.

G'KAR: "Na'Toth - proceed."

scene break

G'Kar and Mollari come rampaging in to C&C bitterly complaining and whinging at each other.

G'KAR: "I have been in the presence of many witnesses for hours. I have not stolen anything!"

LONDO: "Alright then! It was your attack dog, Na'Toth, on your orders!"

(OK, so Na'Toth is not seen in this scene, but I think it is relevant. Attack dog indeed!)

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