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My Top 10

This page exists simply because I was asked for my top 10. Implicit in the question was who are my top 10 men.

So just for you, and you know who you are, here are:

Dr Snot's top 10 men

and my number one choice??? You know who you are. You caused the creation of this page by asking me who my top 10 are. Nice bit of vanity and need for reassurance there! For all round gorgeousness and availability, you beat the other two hands down. Yes, really! OK, if either Harrison or Peter rang me up and asked me out to dinner, I would be hard pressed to say no, but I might just say no if I was already doing something with you ;-)

Now, I wonder if you'll ever be game to talk to me again. Course, you have to find this page first....

* applications via email to Na'Tiel (or my home home address, but you gotta know it cos I ain't giving it out). Non-smokers and, sorry girls, men only. If you enjoy SF, have a lively sense of humour yet a certain seriousness, enjoy getting outdoors, are into nature and gardening, you might be my sort of chap. Applications will be scrutinised and scored against the following:

  1. Intelligence. The more the better.
  2. Geekiness. Geeks are my sorta guys.
  3. Sense of humour. Goes with 1 and 2.
  4. Height. Sorry, no shrimps. I don't like it when men's eyes are at the same height as my boobs.
  5. Appearance. Mustn't scare small children, or me for that matter....
  6. Compatible interests.

Dr Snot's top 10 chaps page / created by Dr Snot / last modified 24th June 2000