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Nonnie's 30th birthday party

My friend Amanda decided to celebrate her 30th with a gathering in a hall.  Pity that they stuffed the booking and double booked us.  We instead had a very happy party in the kitchen of said hall....

Nonnie spins out

The birthday girl showing off her gown.  Wheee!

MargaretDamienJamieMichele and Conrad looking sorta wistfula different angle on Zik

A random assortment of friends - (left to right) Margaret, Damien, Jamie, Michele, Conrad and Zik being a giant.

around and around they go!

We eventually escaped from the kitchen and had some fun dancing (I do believe that this is Jenny Plucks Pears, for you SCA types out there).  Here are some of the lads whirling frantically.

Da boyz with da booze

And it would seem a good time was had by all, or at least some....  Damien, Matt and Zik.

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