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Lynne's Jason Pics

Jason Carter Pics

You won't find my con report here, but if you try here, you should find it!

Lots of pics here! Some aren't great quality cos I was pushing 800 film. I've made thumbnails of them for you to select. Most of the jpegs are between 25-60kb so they shouldn't take too long to load....

(This one doesn't have a thumbnail - it is small enough as it is!) Guess what sort of Australian animal Jason is imitating?

Here's one of me and a good friend, Michele. You can't really tell that Michele adores Marcus (in real life Jason) any more than me, yet she is the fan!

Now, am I bold or what?!!!! Here's me, the snivelling fanboy, less than a year before barely able to talk to Michael O'Hare cos of nerves (BB or AK would have made me fall over and die on the spot!), asks for a photo, then grabs "her" man and lays one on him!

But did Our Jase mind? I think not!

And for those that will, here are the full-size, uncropped pics

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All pics copyright Lynne Shandley 1998, 1999

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