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G'Kar and Squeaky were very good friends, indeed, they were best of mates in the true Australian sense of the word.*

They travelled to lots and lots of different places and found all sorts of exciting things!

This page chronicles some of G'Kar and Squeaky's adventures.

Enter the adventures of G'Kar and Squeaky!

Coming soon - G'Kar and Squeaky Go to World of Dinosaurs!

A tale of terror and the true spirit of mateship....

Yes, I know that there are people waiting out there for the next adventures, but I have recently returned from my grand adventure O/S - yep, G'Kar and Squeaky went as well - and I have so many pics to scan in that I don't think I'll ever get them all done!

Well, the scanning is done, but will I ever get time to create the pages??? I wouldn't hold your breath waiting....

And in more news, G'Kar and Squeaky have met the Great Maker! Yes indeedy, yea verily, the Great Maker did look upon G'Kar and Squeaky and his eyebrows wenteth up and he suggested that I am not a well woman .... Tell me something I don't know, Joe! Kathryn (Drennan) was amused by them.

*note that G'Kar, whilst apparently enjoying alien females, has shown no propensity to bonking insectoid aliens, let alone male insectoid aliens.

Praise for the Adventures of G'Kar and Squeaky

"um, you have a web page detailing the adventures of a g'kar action figure and plastic aquatic creature

this is a level of geekhood which mere mortals such as myself can only aspire to" Paul Harrison 22/6/00.

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