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The Fall of Night

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COR -"Captain - picking up a jump point forming in sector 39."

SHER - "That's on the other side of the planet where nobody but us can see it."

COR - "Yessir."

SHER - "Whoever it is doesn't want to be noticed..."

COR - "Opening now..." (tone of voice changes to excitement) "Reading one Narn heavy cruiser - she's hailing us!"

SHER - "Put her through!" (with eagerness).

scene break

The Centauri find out about the Narn ship, currently being repaired in the sanctuary of Babylon 5 space. Sheridan and Ivanova thunder into C&C.

SHER - "Open up a channel to the Narn ship - gotta get them outta here fast."

COR - "On-line"

Arrangements are made to get the Narn ship away from B5. A Centauri battle cruiser jumps in.

COR - "Centauri battlecruiser is demanding we turn over the Narn warship to their custody"

SHER - "Stand-by - keep this channel open."

IV - "Taking up-"

COR - "I've got Ambassador Mollari on the link."

SHER - "Stall him."

The Centauri are warned by Sheridan not to fire upon B5 or the Narn ship. Zeta squadron is launched to protect the Narn ship and B5. Mollari is informed of Sheridan's decision. The Narn cruiser starts towards the jumpgate.

COR - "Centauri battlecruiser is changing position - moving to intercept. Weapons system is active, gunports are open."

SHER - "Are they targetting our fighters?"

COR - "Targetting the Narn vessel, Zeta Squadron - " (a tracking machine goes "ping!") "and us!"

SHER - "Return the favour."

COR - "Targetting - aye."

SHER - "...Close blast doors."

COR - "Centauri weapons system locking on..."

IV - "They're trying to provoke us into making the first move."

SHER - "I don't think so..."

The pinging is getting faster

COR - "We've got an energy spike!"

SHER - "Oh, hell."

The Centauri start firing upon B5, the Narn ship and the starfuries. A pitched battle begins.

SHER - "Interceptors - fire!"

COR -"Interceptors running hot - " (licks lips) " - 90% capacity and dropping."

IV - "They're getting through!"

The station is rocked as a cargo stabiliser is severed. Sheridan gets mad and launches everything B5 has at the Centauri ship.

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