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These are Corwin sightings. Most are so brief that it is not worth putting the dialogue in context.

Signs and Portents

First ever sighting of "Tech 2". Hair is collar length and slicked back. In the bowl.

COR - "Commander - we've just received confirmation from Delta Wing. They're closing in on the Achilles last known position."

SIN - "Good."

Scene break.

SIN - "What ships are due to arrive or depart in the next two hours?"

COR - "Traffic's light - just a couple of survey ships and a Centauri personal liner."

SIN - "Registration?"

COR -"A Lord Kiro and Lady Ladira, scheduled to depart bay twelve in ten minutes."

SIN - "That might be it..."

scene breaks

SIN - "Status."

COR - "Centauri liner's out and trying to activate jump gate sequence."

Sinclair outlines the plan.

COR - "Commander, jump point forming in sector 3."

SIN - "What??"

A raider mothership jumps in and releases fighters.

COR - "Moving in attack formation...weapons systems locking on..."

SIN - "Close blast door, prepare for attack."

scene break.

Sinclair orders Corwin to alter the firing pattern and alignment of the defense grid, during which we see our first good shot of Corwin.

COR - "I'll have to take it off line for a minute."

SIN - "Do it!"

stuff happens.

COR - "Defence grid reactivated. Target range 3.9 kilometres."

Lots of little reaction shots, pushing buttons etc.


During the teaser, Ivanova is in the Zocalo. Her link bleeps.

COR - "Lieutenant Commander - the Minbari ship is through."

scene breaks

Corwin swings around. "Commander - we've just finished a security scan. The Minbari's coming in with her gunports open - she's armed for a fight!"

credits roll.

COR - "Minbari vessel still closing with gun ports open."

Delenn hurries in to defuse the situation. "...If you scan the ship, you will find that the guns are not active."

COR - "Confirmed - no targetting sensors detected."

A Voice in the Wilderness, part II

In the bowl of C&C. Speechless Corwin beside Tech 1.

COR - "We've got a ship coming through the jumpgate."

scene breaks.

COR - "Commander - Captain Pearce on the link for you."

COR - "We've got a ship coming through the jumpgate."

COR - "Signal coming in from the enemy ship."

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