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And Now For a Word

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Corwin gets a name in this ep, and a rank. Introduced as Second Lieutenant David Corwin. Still credited as Tech #1.

Corwin is being interviewed by Cynthia Torqueman (CT). Ivanova is lurking in the background, listening as she stands at the dome. Her reactions are a joy to watch.

COR -"Overall, I've found this to be a good working environment and a valuable experience. I've learned a lot while I've been here."

CT - "And you've never felt that your" (Ivanova crosses arms and looks at Corwin) "safety has been compromised?"

COR - "No Ma'am."

CT - "So this has been a positive experience for you?"

He smiles and nods a little

CT - "You enjoy working with everyone?"

He sort of looks behind him towards Ivanova a little nervously. He knows that she is listening, and he breaks into a rather fake smile which fades quickly. "Yes. It's a calm, pleasant environment. I don't think I've seen anyone get upset here." (He's all wide eyed innocence.)

scene break.

CT is in C&C, harping about things calming down. An alarm starts sounding.

Ivanova whirls to Corwin (in bowl). "What is it?"

COR - "Jump point forming in sector 7."

IV - "Are they crazy? That's practically on top of us!"

The jump point opens and -

COR - "Reading one Centauri battlecruiser."

CT runs around, shot of Centauri ship jumping in....

COR - "I've got Ambassador Mollari on the link."

IV - "Put him through!"

Mollari makes threats.

COR - "Centauri cruiser is arming weapons, opening her gunports."

Mollari announces blockade of B5.

scene break.

COR (in background of CT talking) - "Channel open, Captain."

Sheridan makes his speech, announcing intent to defend all ships toing and froing B5. At the end, he turns to Corwin and says "If they send a reply, don't acknowledge it."

COR (offscreen) - "Aye, Captain."

SHER - "We'll let them sweat it for a while....."

COR - "Docking Bay 9 just linked in. Their transport's ready to go."

SHER - "Bring her up, activate autopilot.... ...any reply from the cruiser?"

COR - "Negative, Sir, no response."

The transport is away without incident.

COR - "Getting a signal from the Centauri cruiser - they wanna talk."

SHER - "Open a channel - let's be gracious about this."

CT - "Captain - any thoughts on the-"

Jump point warning goes off.

COR - "Second jump point forming in sector 10!"

SHER - "Oh hell..."

A Narn cruiser jumps in. Sheridan warns the Narn off.

COR - "Narn cruiser powering up weapons systems."

The Narn and Centauri start beating up on each other.

SHER - "Get me that cruiser and I don't care how you do it."

COR - "Aye, Sir."

More shots of destruction.

COR - "Narns have destroyed the Centauri cruiser. They're trying to open a jump point."

IV - "Can they make it?"

COR - "I don't think so - they're hit bad. Jump engines are malfunctioning."

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