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Severed Dreams

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COR - "Jump gate activated. We've got a ship coming through.

(The Alexander jumps in)

SHER begins a little speech, ending with "We will render full assistance -"

COR - "But Captain-"

SHER issues an edict. He and IV have decided together that they will defy Earth. "If anyone has a problem with this, they are free to leave the command deck."

Corwin looks at SHER, looks away, looks down, and the little gears in his head are whirring away as the pennies start to drop :-)

IV turns to COR - "You OK?"

COR - "I think so - it's kind of a surprise, but yeah."

(Scene break - some time later)

COR - "Jump gate activated - here they come!"

The order to surrender comes in. (There is too much stuff to put all the dialogue in, so only Corwin's words are reported).

"They've broken contact. Enemy starfuries moving on attack vector. Orders?"

"Forces closing, entering firing range."

"Enemy fighters have locked on - firing!"

"Enemy fighers coming from the side, trying to outflank us."

(Interceptors are reset) "Ready"

"We've got a breaching pod coming in!"

SHER - "Hell - where's it going?"

COR - "Hull area, brown 95."

SHER sends troops, including Narn security, down to brown 95.

COR - "Three enemy furies locking on!"

Interceptors and friendly furies knock out the enemy furies. Lotsa fighting, both in B5 and outside it, and the Clarke loyal ships are destroyed.

SHER - "Damage report?"

Read along! (168Kb).

COR - "Damage to all sectors. They're still fighting in brown sector."

More troops get sent there to clean up.

SHER - "Hull integrity?"

COR - "Not good. EVA teams on route. Good thing this stopped when it did - we couldn't take much more - oh, NO!"

More Earthforce ships jump in, demanding the surrender of B5.

COR - "Captain - jump points opening right on top of us!"

SHER (tired) - "How many?"

COR - "Four."

Defeat turns to delight as Delenn jumps in with three Minbari cruisers and declares "Babylon 5 is under our protection. Withdraw, or be destroyed." (do it for me, Delenn babeee! ;-)

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