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Points of Departure

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Ivanova is hurrying around the station. Her link bleeps. "Ivanova."

COR - "We've got a gold channel message for you - it's General Hague."

IV - "I'll take it in the briefing room."

scene break and credits.

COR - "Lieutenant Commander - about the new captain-" (he's tapping his knuckles in the palm of the other hand).

IV - "Yes. I would like a full honour guard when his ship docks - we've barely got enough time."

COR - (breaks in) "He's here."

IV - "What?"

COR - "His Earthforce transport just docked. Apparently there was a miscommunication about the time."

scene break

Sheridan's link bleeps. "Yes?"

COR - "Captain - we've got something major coming through the jump gate....It's a Minbari cruiser - her gunports are open and targetting systems are operational. She's on an attack vector - repeat she's on attack vector."

Sheridan hurries to C&C. "Have they hailed us yet?"

COR - "Yessir - waiting your arrival."

more scene breaks. Culain threatens Delenn's cocoon.

Sheridan has a thought (he has them, sometimes - lucky him! ;-). "Get me security, fast!"

COR - "On it...Captain, security just linked in - Culain is dead. He said it looks like suicide."

more scene breaks. Ivanova asks about Humans sharing Minbari souls.

COR - "Minbari fighters coming at us."

SHER - "That answer your question?"

COR - "They're on attack vector, closing fast."

scene cuts

Corwin and Sheridan are examining a tactical display.

SHER - "Those are our fighters?"

COR - "Yessir, and those are the Minbari fighters."

Sheridan muses "Minbari..."

Corwin leaves that display, and goes to another. Then he pops down to the bowl.

COR - "Enemy fighters at 30km and closing."

SHER - "Activate jump gate sequence."

COR - "Jump gate sequence aye."

Sheridan sends off a message into hyperspace. Lots of shots of Starfuries and Minbari fighters closing. Sheridan forbids the Furies from firing upon the Minbari.

COR - "Enemy at 10 kilometres, 8...

The Minbari fighters pass through the Starfuries without firing a shot and loop back to their mother ship.

"We've got something coming through the jump gate...

"We're monitoring a signal from the cruiser - they're ordering the Trigati to surrender."

The Trigati refuses to surrender and tries to flee.

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