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No Compromises

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Guess who is the first character to be seen in season five? :-) Well, even if it is only his back...

Corwin is awaiting the arrival of the new captain's transport at docking bay 4. He adjusts his uniform at the transport docks.

COR - (salutes) "Captain Lochley - Lieutenant David Corwin at your service."

LOC - "Lieutenant - I thought I was going to be met by the entire command staff."

COR - "Yes ma'am, but, umm, Mr Garibaldi just got back from Mars and even though he's technically not on staff any more - Zack Allan is our new chief of security these days. He's up to his ears helping Zack get ready for Sheridan's inauguration as president of the new alliance and Dr Franklin had an emergency in medlab-"

LOC (breaks in) - "Lieutenant, Lieutenant - is it always like this around here?"

COR - "No - no, it -"(echoes of the rose buying Corwin here. They enter the customs area) - "well, actually, yes - it's - it's hectic, ma'am."

LOC - "Well a hectic station is the first sign of a poorly run station We'll change that."

Corwin is starting to get a bit frazzled. "I've got everyone standing by in C&C waiting to meet you as soon as you're settled in."

LOC - "Good, good, I'll wanna jump right in. Always takes a while when you have a change in CO. The sooner we get over the transition the better."

COR - "If there's anything you need to know about the station -"

LOC - "Just personalities - any internal confilcts I need to be made aware of. Beyond that I've thoroughly researched Babylon 5's operational procedures personnel recoreds. I'm, ah, pretty much up to speed on all the reports."

Corwin stops Lochley. "With all due respect, there is a lot that doesn't fit into a report."

LOC - "Then the report is incomplete." She moves up the the stairs that lead to the walkway crossing the Zocalo.

Corwin sighs "Just trying to save you trouble, Captain!" He runs up the stairs after her.

LOC - "In my experience that as long as you run an efficient operation and don't go looking for trouble, you'll do *just* fine."

COR - "It's one of the things I'm trying to tell you. Around here we don't have to look for trouble. On B5, trouble comes looking for us!" As they look out over the Zocalo, a fracas starts.

scene break

In a meeting with Sheridan, Lochley's link peeps. "Lochley - go ahead."

COR - "Captain, you had better get down to bay three. There's something here you should see."

LOC - "On my way..."

scene break

In the docking bay area. Lochley enters and Corwin tracks her as she walks to the sheet covered stretcher. "We found him floating outside the station. He's definitely a Ranger, he was in a commercial stasis bubble but he didn't die of exposure to space."

LOC - "Let me see."

Corwin quickly puts out his right hand. "You might not want to."

LOC - (snaps) "I said let me see."

Corwin gives in, Lochley lifts the sheet and faces go "Ergh". Corwin gestures for the security chap to bring something over.

COR - "He had this around him when he was found."

scene breaks.

Lochley is talking to Franklin. Links bleeps "Go ahead."

COR - "Captain - you said you wanted me to remind you about an appointment."

LOC - "On my way..."

scene breaks.

Garibaldi is in a Starfury, which is grappling another 'fury. "C&C I can't hold him." (aside) "If this cockpit breaches I'm screwed."

COR (?) - "Assailant's ship is target."

GAR - "We clear?"

COR - "All clear. Fire at will."

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