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Hunter, Prey

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Garibaldi walks into C&C, looking around.

Corwin is by the dome. "Can I help you?"

GAR - "Yeah, I'm looking for the Captain, Ivanova?"

COR - "They went down to Bay 13. I can link in if you want."

GAR - "No, no that's OK, I need to talk to them personally." (double takes) "Bay 13? - nobody goes into bay 13!"

COR - "That's what the commander tried to tell him."

scene breaks

Sheridan's link bleeps. He is a bit exasperated at being interrupted.

SHER - "Sheridan. What is it?"

COR (off screen) - "Captain one of the ambassadors is asking to see you."

SHER - (sighs) "Can it wait until morning?"

COR - "I don't know sir- it's Ambassador Kosh."

IV - "Captain in the two years since I've been here Kosh has never asked to speak to anybody!"

SHER - "Ah tell him I'll be there as soon as I can."

scene breaks.

COR - (in bowl) "Commander - Ambassador Kosh requesting permission to depart."

SHER - "Tell him to wait."

They scan B5 and don't find Dr Jacobs.

COR - "Ambassador Kosh again requests permission to depart."

IV - "Fine, fine, tell him he can go."


COR - "Ambassador Kosh ready for jump gate sequence."

IV - "Fine - tell him he can-"

CRANSTON - (breaks in) "Just a minute - now I was not informed about a launch!"


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