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The episode opens on Corwin and pulls back to show Ivanova, taking it easy with her feet up.

IV - "....Traders, troublemakes and ambassadors all tucked snugly in their little beds - I love this time of night."

Corwin steps up behind Ivanova and he leans on the railing. "There is no night in deep space and time is a meaningless concept when you stop to think about it."

Ivanova's self-satisfied expression drains away.

One of the alarms goes off.

TECH - "Commander, the jump gate's on line. I read 6 ships." Corwin and Ivanova move to the nearest board.

COR - "They're Earthforce."

TECH - "I'm receiving a code 10 ultraviolet...."

Ivanova turns to Corwin. "Inform Captain Sheridan immediately and alert the dockers guild."

Corwin nods and moves away.

IV - "There's always something."

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