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Woo hoo! This is where Josh gets to show a little of what Corwin is made of, and we find out that Corwin is like many of us - he doesn't get out enough! Plus he is a real sweetie.

The episode opens with a shuttle coming in to dock. Sounds awfully like COR - "Shuttle Dyson - you're the last shuttle for the day. Logging off for now. Please remind your passengers about customs procedures before debarkation."

Scene break.

Erhardts Bar. A big crowd is gathered. Corwin must have some friends even if he doesn't have a girl.

The barkeep (BK) rings the bell. Ding ding. "OK we all know what we're here for, right?"

Crowd yells yes! Cheers, claps and whistles.

BK - "As of 0h-6 thirty tomorrow morning, Lieutenant JG David Corwin is promoted to full lieutenant!"

The bar erupts with more cheers, whistles, applause, etc.

Corwin puts his glass up (quarter full of something brown) and acknowledges the applause and the toasts. He looks embarrassed but has a big grin. "Thank you, thank you, thank..."


BK - "Next round is on the house!"

Even more cheers erupt from those gathered.

Sheridan, Ivanova, Franklin and Garibaldi are watching, and enjoying, the action.

IV - "Did you see the look on his face?" (agreement all round) "He hates being the centre of attention."

FRA - "Classic example of being caught between flight or fight."

scene break.

Sheridan calls Ivanova out of C&C. Ivanova instructs Corwin to take over.

COR - "Aye Commander!," and walks to the dome, checks out the panels.

Sheridan wants Corwin checked out - to see where he stands, whether he can be counted in the conspiracy or if he is too loyal to his training. Now that he is a lieutenant, he will be harder to keep out of the loop.

scene breaks

In C&C. Corwin steps up out of the bowl. Ivanova steels herself and turns to him.

IV - "Quiet, isn't it lieutenant?"

COR - (seems a little surprised that Ivanova is talking to him) "Yeah, a little. I like it when it's quiet." He turns back to the panel that he is studying.

IV - "It's a nice change of pace, that's for sure....listen, now that you've been promoted, I was thinking we spend a lot of time up here but we never really get a chance to talk. So I thought we could get together, see what you see yourself doing down the road, you know just get to know each other a little bit better."

This has gotten Corwin's attention and how! He pulls the thoughtful/surprised face. "Well, er, sure! We could er, I don't know, meet in the mess hall for breakfast?"

IV - "No we can't have a private conversation up there - dishes clattering, people talking.... So why don't you come by my quarters later in the day. We could have a cup of coffee! Real coffee! Just don't ask how I got it. An' we can just talk about stuff outside of work, you know person to person."

Corwin is looking more and more stunned throughout this. He nods slowly, "OK, er, fine, I'll be there." His eyes are getting bigger and bigger (and they were pretty big to begin with!).

IV - "Good." Ivanova walks off, and Corwin turns back to the dome looking half petrified.

scene break.

Corwin is wandering through the Zocalo, looking lost (as always, poor lamb ;-). He stops by the flower seller (FLO). The looks on Corwin's face through this scene are priceless.

FLO - "Hi - something I can help you with?"

COR - "I don't know - I was thinking - flowers?"

FLO - "Thinking flowers is good, giving flowers is better! What's the occasion?"

COR - "I'm not sure but I think I have a date."

FLO - "She asked you out?"

COR - "She asked me in - her place!"

FLO - "Moves fast! She aggressive?"

COR - (nods) - "You could say that."

FLO - (chuckles) "Lucky guy!"

COR - (shakes his head) "No it's not like that, well, it's not like that yet I think."

FLO - "You don't get out much, do you son?"

COR - "Well, I - no, not really." Corwin shows more than a touch of regret.

FLO - "Artificial roses. Same smell, "(Corwin smells them) "same feel" (Corwin gently rubs a petal between his fingers). "Works every time." The florist wraps the flowers.

COR - "But what if it's not a date? I don't want to offend her!"

FLO - "Roses never offend a woman except by their absence! That'll be 40 credits."

scene break

Corwin fronts up to Ivanova's quarters, roses in arm. Again, the looks on his face throughout this scene are great.

IV - "Come!"

Corwin walks in, nervously shifting the roses.

IV - "Where the hell did those come from?"

Corwin wusses out. "I, er, found them."

IV - "Where?"

COR - "There." He points to the door alcove. "You know, just lying there." He hands over the bunch.

Ivanova smells the roses. "Mmm - synthetic roses. Good ones. Whoever bought these must have paid a lot for them."

"Yes" - Corwin hesitates - he may have given the game away - "I imagine."

IV - "Spending that kind of money on high priced synthetics. Must be a real dope."

COR - (slowly) "Yes, I think so. Showy, excessive, not at all cost effective." Corwin is so terribly worried that he might be found out that he gets quite uptight.

IV - "But terribly romantic." Ivanova puts them in a vase. "Don't tell anyone but I've always had a weakness for roses. This is a very sweet gesture. I'll definately have to find out who's responsible."

Corwin opens his mouth, then shuts it again.

IV - "Thank you, David - if you hadn't come along someone could've just walked off with them!"

COR - "Right, sure, you're welcome."

Ivanova gestures to Corwin to have a seat.

scene break

COR - "Oh it's great. I haven't had real coffee since - I can't remember! It just costs too much to bring the stuff in."

IV - "I had the hydroponics guys set out a little space for me."

Corwin looks at her quizzically.

IV - "I know, I know - the hydroponics garden is to be used only for fruit, vegetables and oxygen reclamation but sometimes you have to bend the rules a little bit to get what you want. Does that idea bother you?"

COR - "No, not really. I don't think the ends always justify the means, but if noone is hurt and if it's good for Earth, I've got no complaints."

IV - "That means a lot to you, doesn't it, serving Earth?"

COR - "Well, sure! That's why we're all here, to follow orders and do what's right for Earth."

IV - "But what do you if there's a contradiction, if doing what is right for Earth and following your orders aren't the same thing?"

COR - "I don't think that that is a a decision I can make on my own. You can't just decide which orders to obey and which to ignore. We have to respect the chain of command or everything falls apart."

IV - "So if you saw someone trying to get other officers to speak out or even act against Earthdome - you'd report them?"

COR - "Absolutely! Why, is there anyone you want me to keep my eye on?"

IV- "No, it's just a hypothetical question. With everything that's going on it's just good to know where we all stand with each other.... Well, it's getting late - thanks for stopping by, Lieutenant I'm glad we had this time to talk."

Corwin regards his coffee, quickly sips some and gives back the half-full mug. "Sure - anytime" then leaves.

Ivanova looks at the coffee - she's not happy.

scene breaks

Corwin steps up out of the bowl and hands Ivanova a status report. Ivanova walks across to Sheridan's office area and Sheridan looks meaningfully in Corwin's direction. Ivanova turns, and we see a shot of Corwin, hand to ear. Ivanova shakes her head and Sheridan tosses the papers he is holding aside and drops his gaze, disappointed.

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