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Best of Both Worlds - Bruce Fest - the Auction

I seem to have gotten a bit excited during the auction (oo, err!).  I took lotsa pics but some were fuzzy - ok, I shouldn't hand hold the camera under poor light conditions....  Bruce auctioned off one of his jackets for the NSW Seeing Eye Dog charity.  I think it will take a long time before anyone, in Australia at least, beats $3300 for a jacket... even one worn by Bruce!

Showing off the Ranger Badge

This jacket meant a lot to me.....

showing off the B5 splash.

We have a bid (by Sandy Bruckner)

Bruce is not fond of little fuzzy toy animals.... but on this occasion, he made an exception.

We almost have a "winner".


Bruce Pics - BoBW7/Lynne Shandley/Last modified 6 December 1999