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Here you'll find all sort of bits and pieces about B5. Have a browse around and let me know what you think!

If you need further info or my buttons aren't clear, read on!

Conventions contains various reports I have written on B5 conventions in Australia. There are a few pictures there as well of various of the guests and yours truly.

Pictures contains a few bits of artwork and random photos that don't really fit into the con area, like the pics of EviLynne and G'Kar. (Me? I wouldn't be seen dead drooling over my GKar standee! Never!).

If you like Narns, check out my little Homage to Na'Toth, and maybe you wanna read about the adventures of my roleplaying character, Na'Tiel. No, it is not as bad as it sounds! Honest!

I also have a site devoted to the young and gormless Corwin. What a sweetie!

Finally, there are the amazing escapades of G'Kar and Squeaky. Who would have guessed that G'Kar could have so much fun with his dinner?

Na'Tiel's B5 pages/email Lynne/ last modified 9th March, 2000.