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Oops! Sprung bad! This page under heavy construction.

In the meantime, why don't you have a look at my report on Marjean Holden's or maybe Bruce Boxleitner's attendance at Best of Both Worlds 7 in Sydney, Australia in October 1999? You could also check out Josh Cox's appearance at BOBW3, in more ways than one....

Soon, I'll have reports up from all the cons I have been attended - BOBW3 (Mira Furlan, Josh Cox, Jason Carter), BOBW4 (Jerry Doyle, Tim Choate), Aussiecon (Worldcon 1999 - jms), a day with Jason Carter, a day with Marjean Holden, etc. Plus there will be pics! oh yes indeed you betta believe it!

So come back soon!

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